Target Missiles

Custom and stock wooden arrows for any bow and any archer.

Target Arrows and Crossbow Bolts.

12 Target arrows = $150.00
12 Target crossbow bolts = $100.00

Your arrows are an extension of you and your bow and shooting style. The more consistent your arrows, the more times you can hit your target.

I build premium arrows that are spined and weighed alike. Spine (or spline) is the stiffness of the arrow. In general, heavier bows need stiffer arrows.

Building target arrows and crossbow bolts is part art and part science. Here are some questions I’ll need to know to get started for you.

Do you shoot a longbow, recurve, horsebows, crossbow or something else?

What poundage bow do you shoot? This is often times written on the bow itself.

What colors do you want?

Do you know what length of shaft you need? If not, that’s ok. After I know this information, there will be other things I’ll ask about, but this will get the conversation started.

Just to be sure that you understand, target arrows and bolts have sharp pointy metal ends for shooting into archery targets. These are not the combat arrows and bolts with rubber blunted or padded heads that we shoot at our friends in re-enactments battles.

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Showing all 2 results